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We can’t reduce the rate of child sexual abuse if we don’t understand it.

Learn tips and receive guidance compiled from years of experience, data, and research.

Safety Tips

Facts First

How to Keep Kids Safe Online

Kids today are spending 3X the amount of time on screens today than 4 years ago.

How do we protect them?

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Children will not always report abuse.

FACT: Children will not always report abuse.

Most don’t tell immediately and some don’t tell at all.

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How to talk about sexual abuse with your child

As parents, we always worry that what we do and say is in our kids’ best interest. The idea that a child may be sexually abused is disturbing.

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FACT: "Stranger Danger" is not real.

FACT: “Stranger danger” is not real

The perpetrator is rarely a stranger. 95% of the time, the perpetrator is someone known and trusted by the child and family.

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How to respond when a child tells you they’ve been abused

If a child just told you someone is sexually abusing them, here is how to respond.

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Most of the time — 93% — there is no genital injury to a child who is abused.

FACT: Injuries aren’t obvious

Because perpetrators do not want to risk losing access to the child, they avoid hurting the child.

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Authority figures such as the coach, minister or teacher are rarely perpetrators of abuse.

FACT: Perpetrators are typically not authority figures.

The perpetrator is rarely a coach, a minister or a teacher.

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