What if I told you 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be sexually abused by age 18?

It’s true, and the only way to help those suffering from child sexual abuse is to talk about it.

So Our Kids, a Nashville nonprofit that provides crisis counseling and medical exams to those affected by child sexual abuse, is launching a national campaign to start the conversation.

Our goal is simple: reach as many people as possible with information and resources about child sexual abuse.

one in four girls  what if one in seven boys

About Our Kids

Based in Nashville, Our Kids has evaluated 26,000+ children and is proud to be affiliated with Nashville General Hospital. When Our Kids turned 30 in 2017, we wanted to do something to start conversations about child sexual abuse everywhere. The “What If I Told You” video is that something.

Secrecy and shame are the weapons abusers use to exploit children, and millions of adult survivors carry shame that doesn’t belong to them. To them we say: “This is not your fault. You have done nothing wrong.”

We hope you use this site to learn more about child sexual abuse and share it with the people you love.

Special thanks to Creative Communications for production and editing of the “What If I Told You” video.


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